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Coqui Frog Prevention and Control Keeping Good Records


Coqui Frog Prevention and Control

N. Koch, Research Forester

Since the late 1990's, Coqui frogs have become a nuisance on the Big Island of Hawaii. As the infestation progresses, there is much interest in plants that are termed "Coqui-free". Nursery Solutions, Inc. employs an extensive protocol to prevent Coqui frog infestations, as well as control methods if an incipient infestation is found. A no-vegetation buffer zone of a specific width has been created around the entire six-acre facility and is regularly maintained. It is also treated with a special application known to kill Coqui frogs. Plants are not brought in from other nurseries thereby eliminating the risk of infestation through imported stock. Nursery staff is trained in how to spot and what to do if eggs or frogs are discovered. However, this has never happened. We are proud to call ourselves Coqui-free!

Coqui Frog
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